Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Remove pre-installed Windows 10 apps and programs easily

Microsoft rather nicely pre-installed loads of apps and programs on your Windows 10 computer, whether you bought a computer new or upgraded from a previous version. You really don't need all these apps and programs though, so it would of been nice if Microsoft had given an option to have them in the first place.
All is not lost though as there is an easy way to remove all the ones that you don't want, and that comes in a handy program going by the name of 10AppsManager.
10AppsManager does not require it is installed on your computer, you merely have to place it into your Program Files folder and below are the instructions to do so.
First though you need to download 10AppsManager, which can be done from the link below.

Download 10AppsManager

After downloading 10AppsManager you will have a compressed folder on your desktop/in your downloads folder as below, uncompress this...

...and you will now see the uncompressed folder. The compressed folder can now be deleted if you wish.

Opening the 10amW10 folder will reveal another folder named 10AppsManager...

...Right click the 10AppsManager folder and from the drop down list click Copy.

Browse to your Program Files folder in your C drive (on rare occasions it could be another lettered drive but in most cases it is the C drive).
Paste the copied 10AppsManager folder into the Program Files folder.
You will get a warning as below stating that you need to provide permission, click the Continue button.

You will now have the 10AppsManager folder listed in Program Files as can be seen below.

Opening the 10AppsManager folder will reveal a few files.

Right click the 10AppsManager icon and click Pin to Start.

Now you can open your start menu to gain access to the program.
My link to the program can be seen in the bottom right hand corner.

When you open the program you will see a warning at the bottom stating that you should ideally create a system restore point, and it is a good idea to follow this advice, so go ahead and create a new system restore point.

You can now start to use 10AppsManager to remove unwanted pre-installed programs from your computer.
Right click a program that you wish to uninstall and on the box that appears click the Yes button to start the uninstalling process.

Once the program has been uninstalled a box will appear stating that everything went as planned.

Work through the programs uninstalling the ones you wish to get shot of.

The ones I uninstalled were:
3D Builder
Film and TV
Get Office
Get Skype
Get Started
Phone Companion
Voice Recorder

Obviously you will want to make your own choices.
Any files left on the desktop/in your downloads folder that you downloaded or uncompressed can now be deleted.
To remove 10AppsManager simply delete the icon from your start menu and delete the folder that you placed in your program files folder.

[This tutorial was made using Windows 10.]