Monday, 31 August 2015

Change Privacy Options in Windows 10

When I first installed Windows 10, I was sure to deselect some of the options during the installation process, but upon checking later I found there were many more things I would like to turn off.
I'm not totally sure if all the choices I have made are the right choices, I will find out as time goes on.
If at some point something states it can't do something because something is turned off then I will go back into the settings to turn that option on again.
For now though these options are working fine for me.
These are just my choices, obviously you can make your own choices, but I feel you would probably end up with roughly the same choices that I have made.

To get started click the Start button, then click Settings.

You will now find yourself on the settings page and here you need to click Privacy.

The first section in privacy that you get to will be the General tab and the options below are what I have chosen to use.
Once you have changed yours to suit yourself, click the Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info link.

Clicking the Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info link opens up this page in a web browser.
Click the Choose, Do you want personalized ads from Microsoft button.

You will be taken to a new page after clicking the Choose, Do you want personalized ads from Microsoft button and Personalized ads in this browser will be selected.
Click the Off button if you do not wish to see personalized ads, and then close the browser window.

We now click the Location tab to view and alter the settings in there.
If Location for this device is set to on, then you can change that by clicking the Change button.
I chose to turn it off.
If it was turned on, then some location information will have been saved on your computer already, which can be cleared by clicking the Clear button below Clear history on this device.
I then moved down the list turning everything else off.

Now click the Camera tab and you will find just a few options to change.
I once again chose to have everything in here turned off.

Click the Microphone tab and again make your choices. As before I have turned all the options off.

The Speech, inking & typing tab is next.
Here you will either see a Get to know me button or a Stop getting to know me button.
If you don't plan on using Cortana and you see the Stop getting to know me button, then click it so that it becomes a Get to know me button.
Seeing the Get to know me button will mean Cortana is turned off, and therefore won't be collecting spoken and typed information from you.
As you can see here I have it turned off.

Now go to the Account info tab, there isn't much in here to change, and I have chosen to turn this off too.

Moving on to the Contacts tab, will show a few options which I have once again turned off.

The Calendar tab reveals a small amount of options too and once again I have made sure all of these are turned off.

In the Messaging section I have turned the only option that was presented to me off.

Clicking the Radios tab will show that radio is turned on, and I have left this turned on for now in case turning it off disables the wireless connectivity of the laptop.

Now go to the Other devices tab and make your choices.
I have turned this off because I don't want anything syncing unless I specifically pair something with the laptop.

Click the Feedback & diagnostics tab and you will see the options that are here.
The settings you see them on here is what I have changed them to.

Finally go to the Background apps tab.
I've turned all of these off for three reasons. One, hopefully it will save battery power. Two, if less background apps are running then hopefully the laptop will perform smoother. Lastly, three, I don't feel I actually need any of these running to do what I intend to do on the laptop.
If I find something isn't working as planned then I will go back in and turn things on.

[This tutorial was made using Windows 10.]