Saturday, 18 July 2015

Install CDBurnerXP without the OpenCandy installer

Everybody loves free software, in fact everybody loves anything that's free, and let's face it, there isn't much in life that is free.
So when a good piece of software comes along that is free, you will want it right?
This leaves somebody out there, sitting for hours on end, programming a program, and that person will need to make a living somehow.

They could just program in their spare time for fun, knowing that people will get enjoyment from what they do.
They could try to make money from it, which in turn will make them even keener to produce something that people really want to keep using.
They could try to make a living from writing the program, which really could make it the most amazing thing that you want to keep using.

How do they then make money, if everybody wants the software for free?
They could have ads on their site, but this would only make them money when people return to their site to get the latest version.
They could plaster the actual program with ads, so you see them as you are using the program. This would get extremely irritating.
They could bundle another software item in with their program, such as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). This would allow them to get paid by the other software creator

Nobody likes bundled software though especially PUP's, so the creators of CDBurnerXP have made an installer that is kinda buried in their website for people who just want to install CDBurnerXP, rather than something else that they never planned on installing, which in the case of CDBurnerXP is another program called OpenCandy, which is a very well known PUP.

To get CDBurnerXP without the bundled OpenCandy installer, head to their website.
You will now have a page open as below.
On this page click the Downloads link.

You will now be on this page where you will see a link to download the latest version. Ignore this link and click the small link below it that says More download options >>

You will now be presented with a page containing many options, and you want to go for one next to Default Installer (Without OpenCandy).

Here you will see one in a different colour because I have hovered over it, and it's 32 bit (x64 compatible), as I have a 32 bit computer (check your computer to see what one you need).

The installer download box will now appear, and all going well it will be the one without OpenCandy, but carefully read the licence agreements during the installation to be sure.

For help on installing programs see the How to install a program tutorial.

[This tutorial was made on 18th July 2015. Older or newer versions of the CDBurnerXP website might look/behave differently but the principle will be much the same.]