Sunday, 5 July 2015

Ford M Serial Radio Code Generator

Do you have an M serial ford radio and you don't know the 4 digit code for it?
(The serial number can be found on the label, on the top or bottom of the radio and will start with an M if it is an M serial one)

I have one. It came pre-fitted in my current car, but I had no documentation with it, and when faced with needing a new clutch, which would of meant the battery would have to be disconnected, I was then faced with paying Ford £25 to find out my code.
So I did what seemed natural and turned to Google.
I found this neat little program called Ford M Serial Radio Code Generator, and thought it's worth a try, so I downloaded it from the link below:

Ford M Serial Radio Code Generator website link

The first thing I needed to know though was whether the program was safe, because sometimes when things seem too good to be true, then there could be a hidden nasty in it.
So I scanned it with Avast & SUPERAntiSpyware and both scans came up clean, but to play safe I also uploaded it to online malware scanning service Jotti, and again it came up clean.

The Jotti scan results can be seen here:
Using online service Jotti to scan a file for malware

Feeling confident it was safe to use I proceeded to run it.
These were the files in the downloaded folder, and it's the one that's titled Ford M Series that needs to be double clicked to run the program...

...and this is the program when it first starts up. As you can see it resembles a Ford radio, which is kinda neat.

I started off by entering my 6 digit serial number (I have partially obscured it here).
For radios that have a 7 digit serial number, you have to ignore the first 0 after the M and then enter the last 6 digits.
Then I had to press the number 5 button on the radio for it to calculate the code, and my code appeared, as can be seen here (once again I have obscured it though).
To clear the entered serial number press the seek button.
To close the program you have to press the volume button.
All the buttons that are in operation will come up with an indication of it's function when hovered over.

[This tutorial was made using Ford M Serial Radio Code Generator]