Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Using online service Jotti to scan a file for malware

If you have downloaded something or received a file from another source and you are unsure as to whether it is safe (with regards to containing malware) or not, then you could scan it with every anti-malware program that you have installed on your computer, such as AdwCleaner, Avast, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or SUPERAntiSpyware.
You could also go a stage further and upload it to an online service that uses multiple anti-malware programs.
One such online service is Jotti, and is possibly the best known and most recommended one. Uploading files to Jotti, also helps anti-virus program creators improve their detection accuracy, as the files are sent by Jotti to the creators.

Start by opening up your web browser and visit http://virusscan.jotti.org

Now you will have to browse to the file on your computer that you want Jotti to scan.
Once you have selected the file, click the Submit file button.

You might then get notified that the file has been scanned before, as I was here.
I decided it wouldn't do any harm to have the file scanned again so I clicked the scan again button.

You will possibly be put in a queue, which won't be for very long, so hang in there, it's worth a brief wait to be sure your file is safe.

The scan will then take place, and will be very quick.

Once the scan completes you will be presented with the results.
Here I was informed that one scanner found the file to contain malware, which I am going to ignore. It is more likely to be a false positive being that the other 21 scanners found nothing bad.
Had more scanners found it to contain malware then I would of been cautious and removed the file from my computer.