Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Remove pre-installed Windows 10 apps and programs easily

Microsoft rather nicely pre-installed loads of apps and programs on your Windows 10 computer, whether you bought a computer new or upgraded from a previous version. You really don't need all these apps and programs though, so it would of been nice if Microsoft had given an option to have them in the first place.
All is not lost though as there is an easy way to remove all the ones that you don't want, and that comes in a handy program going by the name of 10AppsManager.
10AppsManager does not require it is installed on your computer, you merely have to place it into your Program Files folder and below are the instructions to do so.
First though you need to download 10AppsManager, which can be done from the link below.

Download 10AppsManager

After downloading 10AppsManager you will have a compressed folder on your desktop/in your downloads folder as below, uncompress this...

Monday, 1 February 2016

Delete old operating system files after upgrading to Windows 10

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier version of Windows, as I did, I upgraded from 7 to 10, you will now have some old installation files on your hard drive taking up valuable space. Once you are happy that the upgrade went smoothly and you are happy using the new operating system, then you can go ahead and clean up these old files using Disk Cleanup. I actually waited over 6 months before performing this clean up. You could locate the files on your hard drive and delete them manually, but it is always advisable to use Disk Cleanup to do the job for you. To start the cleanup process, click the Start button, go to All Apps, then Windows Administrative Tools, then click Disk Cleanup.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Change Privacy Options in Windows 10

When I first installed Windows 10, I was sure to deselect some of the options during the installation process, but upon checking later I found there were many more things I would like to turn off.
I'm not totally sure if all the choices I have made are the right choices, I will find out as time goes on.
If at some point something states it can't do something because something is turned off then I will go back into the settings to turn that option on again.
For now though these options are working fine for me.
These are just my choices, obviously you can make your own choices, but I feel you would probably end up with roughly the same choices that I have made.

To get started click the Start button, then click Settings.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Install CDBurnerXP without the OpenCandy installer

Everybody loves free software, in fact everybody loves anything that's free, and let's face it, there isn't much in life that is free.
So when a good piece of software comes along that is free, you will want it right?
This leaves somebody out there, sitting for hours on end, programming a program, and that person will need to make a living somehow.

They could just program in their spare time for fun, knowing that people will get enjoyment from what they do.
They could try to make money from it, which in turn will make them even keener to produce something that people really want to keep using.
They could try to make a living from writing the program, which really could make it the most amazing thing that you want to keep using.

How do they then make money, if everybody wants the software for free?
They could have ads on their site, but this would only make them money when people return to their site to get the latest version.
They could plaster the actual program with ads, so you see them as you are using the program. This would get extremely irritating.
They could bundle another software item in with their program, such as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). This would allow them to get paid by the other software creator